Conference News
Conference News
Welcome to the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics. Please allow me to take a moment to introduce the basic background of this annual international conference, which is co-sponsored by the Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics (SAGE) and is being held for the third time.        Government and economics is a branch of economics that has been carefully planned and constructed by a group of scholars from Tsinghua University in conjunction with international economists over the past three to four years. As a new branch of econo...
2021 . 06 25
This annual conference is of great significance and features a pertinent topic. Indeed, since China initiated its reform and opening up more than 40 years ago, the country has successfully transitioned from an impoverished economy to a well-off society. In 1978, our per capita GDP amounted to only about 100 USD, but in 2020, the figure was close to 11,000 USD. This is a great miracle of human society.         It was indeed quite hard for people four decades ago to imagine that their country, so deeply entrenched in the system of a planned economy an...
2021 . 06 25
Today I would like to talk about how government can facilitate the growth of an economy. I have experienced multiple transitions in my career, from working in an enterprise, to working in the government, then back to an enterprise, and now to an industrial association. It can be said that I have assumed three sorts of roles throughout my career, thus becoming capable of building bridges between the government and enterprises, as well as among enterprises. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my insights based on my own experiences.       ...
2021 . 06 25
Today we gather here for the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics. I think one issue that certainly comes to mind is whether any changes have taken place in the relationship between the government and the market in China through the trials and tribulations of the pandemic. If so, what sort of changes?        When we speak of such changes, we always compare them to the government-market relationship before the pandemic, using this as a frame of reference. Let’s look back on last year and on these first five months of 2021 to track the clues...
2021 . 06 25
The Ideal Role of GovernmentDavid Daokui Li: Given your arguments above, what is the ideal role the government should play in order to correct market failures?Nicholas Stern: Understanding what government should do requires two things. First, it requires a broad understanding of the strategy that we're trying to implement. In this case, that's fairly clear: it's very rapid change in the economy so that we go to zero carbon. So the role of government must be to get a broad understanding of that strategy, because it influences how people will behave and invest, and that's fundame...
2021 . 05 27
Eric S. Maskin, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Adams University Professor at Harvard, and Co-President of SAGE said on the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics that the Journal of Government and Economics will help fill a significant gap in current economic research which fails to adequately address the government’s role.        He began by affirming the importance of government and economics as an independent field of study: that is, the government plays a critical role within advanced market economies, influencing the performance and ...
2021 . 05 27
David Daokui Li, Director of ACCEPT and Co-President of SAGE, said on the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics that study of government economics could help the market economy unleash its maximum potential.                In his speech, David Daokui Li introduced the emerging field of government and economics, explaining that it is the project of a group of economic scholars from Tsinghua University and around the world who have worked to carefully construct this new branch of study over the past few...
2021 . 05 27
On May 22nd, the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics and the Launch Ceremony for the Journal of Government and Economics were successfully held in Beijing. The events were jointly organized by the Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences, the Tsinghua University Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking (ACCEPT), and the Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics (SAGE).        Opening speeches were delivered by Peng Gang, Vice President of Tsinghua University, David Daokui Li, Director of ACCEPT and Co-Pre...
2021 . 05 22
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