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Conference News
The Ideal Role of GovernmentDavid Daokui Li: Given your arguments above, what is the ideal role the government should play in order to correct market failures?Nicholas Stern: Understanding what government should do requires two things. First, it requires a broad understanding of the strategy that we're trying to implement. In this case, that's fairly clear: it's very rapid change in the economy so that we go to zero carbon. So the role of government must be to get a broad understanding of that strategy, because it influences how people will behave and invest, and that's fundame...
2021 . 05 27
Eric S. Maskin, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Adams University Professor at Harvard, and Co-President of SAGE said on the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics that the Journal of Government and Economics will help fill a significant gap in current economic research which fails to adequately address the government’s role.        He began by affirming the importance of government and economics as an independent field of study: that is, the government plays a critical role within advanced market economies, influencing the performance and ...
2021 . 05 27
David Daokui Li, Director of ACCEPT and Co-President of SAGE, said on the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics that study of government economics could help the market economy unleash its maximum potential.                In his speech, David Daokui Li introduced the emerging field of government and economics, explaining that it is the project of a group of economic scholars from Tsinghua University and around the world who have worked to carefully construct this new branch of study over the past few...
2021 . 05 27
On May 22nd, the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics and the Launch Ceremony for the Journal of Government and Economics were successfully held in Beijing. The events were jointly organized by the Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences, the Tsinghua University Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking (ACCEPT), and the Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics (SAGE).        Opening speeches were delivered by Peng Gang, Vice President of Tsinghua University, David Daokui Li, Director of ACCEPT and Co-Pre...
2021 . 05 22
Transition countries have gone through a particularly profound transformation of its economic structures and institutions. Part of that structural transformation is about redefining the role of the state to allow markets to operate. But the state must continue its transformation to facilitate the development of the private sector. And my focus is gonna be on that broader transformation of the state and how it can fill its role.        Many countries have gone through dramatic transformations, and we should ask ourselves why are we interested in understan...
2020 . 09 28
On September 22th, 2019, the “International Symposium on 70 Years of Chinese Economic Development: 1949 -2019” was held. It was organized by the Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking (ACCEPT) of Tsinghua University. David Daokui Li, the Founding Dean of ACCEPT and Chief Economist at the New Development Bank (NDB) issued a report with the same title of the symposium. The report laid out the significance of reviewing the economic and social development since the founding of the People's Republic of China, proposed to learn from experience, and contemplated the future and...
2019 . 10 11
I'd like to speak to you today on a topic, which is both timely about the pandemic, and also I think very relevant for the theme of the conference, which is the interaction between government and the economy. The title is mechanism design for pandemics.        We are all familiar with how well competitive markets work under normal circumstances. Let's imagine that there are many consumers and many producers of some good. If each consumer i gets benefit bi (xi) from consuming quantity xi and each producer incurs a cost cj (yj) from producing a qua...
2020 . 09 28
On April 27th, 2019, the Launch Ceremony of the Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics (SAGE) and the Inaugural Annual Conference of Government and Economics was held at the Mong Man Wai Concert Hall, Tsinghua University. Chen Xu, secretary of the CPC Committee of Tsinghua University and director of the School Affairs Committee, and Li Daokui, initiator and co-founding president of SAGE and president of ACCEPT addressed the conference respectively.Other invited speakers of the conference include: Eric S. Maskin, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in economics and professor of economi...
2019 . 06 24
I would like us to talk about government policies and their response to the current economic recession and focusing on the United States and Europe. As you know, the United States and Europe represent about 45% of the world economy measured by GDP and together with China, they are the largest economic blocks in the world. So they are very important, you obviously know quite a lot about China. And so what I'll try to do is supplemented with remarks that relate to the European Union and the United States. There are a number of similarities and also a number of differences, both between the U...
2020 . 09 28
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