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Kaushik Basu, Ben Bernanke Congratulate on Founding of SAGE

DATE: 2019-06-24


On April 27th, 2019, the Launch Ceremony of the Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics (SAGE) and the Inaugural Annual Conference of Government and Economics was held at the Mong Man Wai Concert Hall, Tsinghua University. Chen Xu, secretary of the CPC Committee of Tsinghua University and director of the School Affairs Committee, and Li Daokui, initiator and co-founding president of SAGE and president of ACCEPT addressed the conference respectively.

Eric Maskin, winner of the 2007 Nobel Price in economics, professor of economics at Harvard University and co-founding president of SAGE, came to the stage once again and read the letter of congratulation sent from the International Economic Association (IEA) and the American Economic Association (AEA). In the letter, the IEA Chairman Kaushik Basu said he was quite pleased to learn about the founding of SAGE. He was full of confidence and looked forward to Professor Eric Maskin and Professor Li Daokui to serving as founding chairmen. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of AEA and former Federal Reserve Chairman, pointed out that the government and its policies played a vital role in all economies. He expressed his strong support for the founding of SAGE, and hoped that the research work of SAGE would further deepen people’s understanding of the relationship between government and economy.

Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics
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