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By Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Erin Grela, Madeline McKelway, Frank Schilbach, Garima Sharma & Girija VaidyanathanNBER Working Paper No. 30330 (Sept 2022).Date Published: Aug 16, 2022The menta...
2022 . 08 16
By Kose, M. Ayhan, Franziska L. Ohnsorge, Carmen M. Reinhart, and Kenneth S. Rogoff,Annual Review of Economics Vol. 14 (Aug 2022): pp. 637-663.Date published: Aug 2022 (Annual Review of Economics)...
2022 . 08 01
By Eric MaskinCapitalism & Society, Volume 16, Issue 1 (2022)Posted: 17 Jun 2022Date Written: June 17, 2022AbstractThe essay explains how ranked-choice voting leads to election outcomes that bette...
2022 . 07 17
By Miquel Oliu-Barton, Bary S. R. Pradelski, Nicolas Woloszko, Lionel Guetta-Jeanrenaud, Philippe Aghion, Patrick Artus, Arnaud Fontanet, Philippe Martin & Guntram B. Wolff Nature Communicati...
2022 . 07 08
By Benjamin F. Jones and Philippe AghionKellogg Insight (Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University)One of the central questions facing many economists is how economies can continue to gr...
2022 . 07 05
The sixth volume of the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) was released in summer 2022, with articles exploring a variety of topics in the field. Lord Nicholas Stern discusses how governments a...
2022 . 07 04
By Kenneth S. Rogoff,Journal of Policy Modeling Vol. 44, Issue 4 (Jul-Aug 2022): pp. 804-811.Date published: Jul-Aug 2022 AbstractWith a number of emerging markets and particularly low-income cou...
2022 . 07 01
By Kenneth S. RogoffIMES Discussion Paper Series No. 22-E-09 (Jul 2022).Date Published: Jul 2022 IntroductionIt is great honor to give the 2022 Mayekawa Lecture at the Bank of Japan. My topic tod...
2022 . 07 01
By Philippe Aghion, Lena Boneva, Johannes Breckenfelder, Luc Laeven, Conny Olovsson, Alexander A. Popov, Elena RancoitaECB Working Paper No. 2022/2686 (Jul 2022).Date Published: Jul 1, 2022AbstractFul...
2022 . 07 01
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