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The Ideal Role of GovernmentDavid Daokui Li: Given your arguments above, what is the ideal role the government should play in order to correct market failures?Nicholas Stern: Understanding what govern...
2021 . 05 27
Eric S. Maskin, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Adams University Professor at Harvard, and Co-President of SAGE said on the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics that the Journal of Go...
2021 . 05 27
David Daokui Li, Director of ACCEPT and Co-President of SAGE, said on the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics that study of government economics could help the market economy unleash i...
2021 . 05 27
This annual conference is of great significance and features a pertinent topic. Indeed, since China initiated its reform and opening up more than 40 years ago, the country has successfully transitione...
2021 . 06 25
On May 22nd, the Third Annual Conference of Government and Economics and the Launch Ceremony for the Journal of Government and Economics were successfully held in Beijing. The events were jointly orga...
2021 . 05 27
The Dasgupta Review session, advocating the economics of biodiversity and aiming to protect the future of humanity and nature, will be a bright spot of the Boao Forum for Asia.    ...
2021 . 04 21
Dr. Erik Berglof, chief economist of AIIB, said the bank aims to have half of its investment green. It is currently looking at all its investment to see how to bring out the climate element in each of...
2021 . 04 21
At this year's China Development Forum on March 20, 2021 in Beijing, on the topic of 'New Patterns of Global Digital Governance,' Liu Taoxiong expounded upon the new characteristics of dat...
2021 . 04 16
HighlightsEquity home bias occurs along both extensive and intensive margins.Wealthy US households are more likely to participate in the foreign stock market.As investor wealth increases, portfolio sh...
2021 . 04 14
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