JGE Volume 9: Spring 2023

DATE: 2023-05-15

The ninth volume of the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) was released in spring 2023, with articles exploring a variety of topics in the field. Manuchehr Irandoust compares how modern welfare states have historically implemented active labor market policies, providing evidence for their crucial role in lowering unemployment rates and improving labor market outcomes. Ajoumessi Houmpe Donal conducts an empirical study to determine the relationship between the background of political leaders and capital flight in developing countries on the African continent. Aria Ardalan, Sebastian G. Kessing, Salmai Qari, and Malte Zoubek assess the effects of local corporate tax reforms in Germany on firm valuation, showing that capital owners partly bear the burden of such taxes. Francesco Spadafora investigates the role played by expanded Unemployment Insurance (UI) in mitigating the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States and the lessons learned for UI system reforms. Saku Aura, William A. Brock and Shawn Ni apply a theoretical model to shed light on the profit motive and development dynamics for local government land sales in China vis-à-vis housing and infrastructure construction. As always, all articles are open access and can be found by simply clicking on the links below.

Active labor market as an instrument to reduce unemployment
Manuchehr Irandoust

The background of political leaders and capital flight: Evidence from Africa

Ajoumessi Houmpe Donal

Does capital bear the burden of local corporate taxes? Evidence from Germany

Aria Ardalan, Sebastian G. Kessing, Salmai Qari, Malte Zoubek

U.S. Unemployment insurance through the Covid-19 crisis

Francesco Spadafora

A Chinese mayor problem

Saku Aura, William A. Brock, Shawn Ni

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