JGE Volume 10: Summer 2023

DATE: 2023-08-15

The tenth volume of the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) was released in summer 2023, with articles exploring a variety of topics in the field. Tianwang Liu proposes a theory to explain the large number of unsold and unoccupied homes in China and investigates the impacts political incentives have on the country's land and housing market. Vincent Geloso and Félix Foucher-Paquin examine the history of fisheries along Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula as a case study into governing the commons and preventing market failure under a 'weak state' scenario. Thierry U. Kame Babilla assesses tax policy reforms capable of sustaining universal basic income programs in a currency union, focusing on the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) as a case study. Arthur Fishman and Doron Klunover develop a political economy model to better understand the effectiveness of expert delegation and blame shifting as a political strategy for elected politicians. Feissal Assoum and Alastaire Sèna Alinsato explore how the quality of different governance dimensions influence the relationship between per capita income and public debt in Sub-Saharan Africa. As always, all articles are open access and can be found by simply clicking on the links below.

Explaining China’s housing vacancies: A theory based on the incentives of local government officials
Tianwang Liu

Weak states and the commons: Fisheries and economic development in the Gaspé Peninsula circa 1830
Vincent Geloso, Félix Foucher-Paquin

Tax policy reform and universal basic income effectiveness in a currency union: Implications for long-term growth, inequality, and welfare
Thierry U. Kame Babilla

Don’t blame me: A theory of politicians choosing policy advisors
Arthur Fishman, Doron Klunover

Only under good governance does public debt improve national income: Evidence from dynamic panel threshold model for Sub-Saharan African countries
Feissal Assoum, Alastaire Sèna Alinsato

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