JGE Volume 4: Winter 2021

DATE: 2022-02-28

      Does government contracting translate to better earnings quality and less earnings management? How can we improve the efficacy of carbon tax policies? What is the significance of governments' residual ownership in determining the failure of infrastructure projects that started as Public-Private Partnerships? What lessons for the field of government and economics can be drawn from Michael Polanyi's mixed vision of the market economy as embedded in his broader pursuits into the nature of knowledge and liberalism? What is the link between reducing inequality in income distribution, reducing relative deprivation, and the incidence and severity of COVID-19? Authors explore these questions and more in the fourth volume of the Journal of Government and Economics, released in winter 2021. As always, all articles are open access and can be found through the links below.


Having the government as a client: Does this reduce earnings management of the firm?

Charmaine Glegg, Oneil Harris, Thanh Ngo, Jurica Susnjara


Improving the efficacy of carbon tax policies

Elie Appelbaum


Residual government ownership in public-private partnership projects

Alhassan Mansaray, Simeon Coleman, Ali Ataullah, Kavita Sirichand


Michael Polanyi's vision of government and economics: Spanning Hayek and Keynes

Agnès Festré


Why reducing relative deprivation but not reducing income inequality might bring down COVID-19 infections

Oded Stark

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