JGE Volume 13: Spring 2024

DATE: 2024-05-15

The thirteenth volume of the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) was released in spring 2024, with articles exploring a variety of topics in the emerging field of government economics. Dani Rodrik proposes a light model of global economic governance featuring a transparency-enhancing process and stabilizing meta-regime to smooth out US-China relations in the face of rising tensions. Using available data from 161 countries, Rafael Acevedo, Maria Lorca-Susino and Jose U. Mora investigate the causal effect of government spending on real #output conditional on economic freedom. Désiré Avom, Bruno Emmanuel Ongo Nkoa, Charles Christian Atangana Zambo, Ulrich Kevin Kamdoum Kamwa and Donald Ferdinand Okere Atanga study the effect of settlement and mortality on the growth of African financial markets using the mediation of institutions and conclude with policy suggestions for improvement. Pedro Jorge Holanda Figueiredo Alves and Jevuks Matheus Araujo analyze the impact of fiscal decentralization on the behavior of Brazilian municipal policymakers, exploring how local managers allocate their resources according to their additional budget and incentive structure. In a case study on the privatization of the commons, Akbar Marvasti measures the effect of contract changes and quota programs on selected fishery resources and occupational safety in the Gulf of Mexico. 


How to smooth US-China economic relations for the benefit of the global economy: A light model of global economic governance  

Dani Rodrik  
The unfree, the freer, and the government: Economic freedom and the fiscal multiplier  
Rafael Acevedo, Maria Lorca-Susino, Jose U. Mora  
Colonial origins and growth of financial markets in Africa: A comparative analysis based on institutions 
Désiré Avom, Bruno Emmanuel Ongo Nkoa, Charles Christian Atangana Zambo, Ulrich Kevin Kamdoum Kamwa, Donald Ferdinand Okere Atanga  

The effects of intergovernmental transfers on the local fiscal incentives of Brazilian municipalities 
Pedro Jorge Holanda Figueiredo Alves, Jevuks Matheus Araujo  
Safety effects of property rights contract changes: Evidence from field experience in fisheries 

Akbar Marvasti 

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