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By Gelman, Andrew, Shira Mitchell, Jeffrey D. Sachs and Sonia SachsStatistics and Public Policy Vol. 9, No. 1 (2022).Date Published: Jan 18, 2022 ABSTRACTThe Millennium Villages Project was an in...
2022 . 01 18
By Eric MaskinReview of Economic Design Vol. 26, Issue 3 (2022): pp. 255-259.Date Published: Jan 3, 2022Issue Date: Sept 2022AbstractUnder normal circumstances, competitive markets do an excellen...
2022 . 01 03
Sachs, Jeffrey D. and Lisa E. SachsRed Vol 4, Issue 1 (Jan 2022): pp. 143-148.Date Published: Jan 2022 AbstractAccelerating clean energy transitions around the globe is essential to avoid catastr...
2022 . 01 01
ByZhuravskaya, Ekaterina, Surgei Guriev and Andrei Markevich,Journal of Economic Literature (2022) AbstractThis survey discusses recent developments in the growing literature on the Russian econo...
2021 . 12 27
The third volume of the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) was released in autumn 2021, with articles covering a wide range of topics. Nobel laureate Michael Spence writes on the opportunities ...
2021 . 12 07
We are thrilled to announce that SAGE is now a member of the International Economic Association! This opens up a number of exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth. Stay tuned for informati...
2021 . 10 13
Conversations with three SAGE Academic Committee members—Philippe Aghion, Wendy Carlin, and Nicholas Stern—are featured in this timely new book released through the policy portal of CEPR: 'Capital...
2021 . 10 13
The second volume of the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) was released in summer 2021, with contributions from world-renowned economists on topics such as the relative usefulness and implicat...
2021 . 10 12
By Sonin, Konstantin and Austin L. WrightThe Economic Journal, Vol. 132, Issue 643 (Apr 2022): pp. 1179-1199.Date Issued: Apr 2022Date Published: Dec 30, 2021 Information operations are considere...
2020 . 12 30
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