Journal of Government and Economics

DATE: 2021-04-16

Journal of Government and Economics


        The Journal of Government and Economics (JGE) is an economics journal specializing in the study of the relationship between the government and the market economy. It regards the government as a key player-either as a promoter and stakeholder or as an impediment to the market economy-and focuses on the role of government in economic development. The journal aims to promote academic research into the role, incentives, and behavior of government in the market economy.

        The journal JGE aims to publish original research in the emerging field of Government and Economics. The premise is that the government has been a key player in modern economies and its behavior has been one of the most important factors in the performance of such economies. The journal welcomes submissions of both theoretical and empirical papers in the field of Government and Economics. Particular attention will be paid to evidence-based studies.

        JGE focuses on the field of Government and Economics, with an emphasis on economics rather than politics. Topics will include:

·Government behavior and enterprise development

·Government behavior and market cultivation

·Government governance ability and macroeconomic regulation

·Government behavior and land supply and transfer

·Government incentive and globalization

·Government behavior and savings

·Government functions and public goods

·Fiscal revenue and government behavior

·Government and state-owned enterprises

·Central and local governments, and internal incentives

Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics
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