The Inaugural Issue of the Journal of Government and Economics

DATE: 2021-10-11

        We are thrilled to announce that in spring 2021, SAGE released the inaugural issue of our official journal, the Journal of Government and Economics (JGE). This journal aims to provide a platform for the exchange of insights on the relationship between the government and the market, create space for the development of the emerging field of government and economics, and foster a better understanding of the government's role in the market economy, as well as the government's incentives and behaviors. JGE is an open access journal rapidly published through Elsevier. 

        JGE's first issue includes papers from top economists on the need for and scope of the field of government and economics, the role of government in post-COVID recovery, the effects of federal governance on migration and income redistribution, and public employment wages and hiring practices:

Government and economics: An emerging field of study

Eric S. Maskin, David Daokui Li

The proper role of government in the market economy: The case of the post-COVID recovery

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Migration and redistribution: Why the federal governance of an economic union does matter

Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka

Public employment redux

Pietro Garibaldi, Pedro Gomes, Thepthida Sopraseuth

(Why) Is There a Public/Private Pay Gap?

Christos A. Makridis

Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics
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