Protecting Mental Health and Well-Being Against Increasing Vulnerabilities and Inequalities

DATE: 2022-02-17

By Karadag, Ozge, Ajita Singh and Jeffrey Sachs, (Report Chapter)  

Global Happiness and Well-being Policy Report 2022 (2022): pp. 89-113.

Date Published: 2022



The COVID-19 pandemic has induced parallel pandemics, including one on mental health and well-being. Across regions and countries, the pandemic has not only clogged the overall health systems but also magnified vulnerabilities, inequities, and related mental health problems. This chapter is divided into three sections. The first section outlines how the pandemic has affected mental health and well-being of vulnerable populations. The second section provides an overview of the policies and practices by which stakeholders have attempted to address the mental health and well-being concerns of vulnerable populations. The third section provides solutions and recommendations to promote mental health and well-being of vulnerable populations at individual, community, national, and international levels through targeted research, policy, and practices. The overall aim of the chapter is to promote a better understanding of how COVID-19 has affected mental health, social health, and well-being of different vulnerable populations, how various governments and institutions have addressed their mental health and well-being concerns, and what policies and practices should be adopted going forward to fulfil the unique needs and challenges of vulnerable populations.



COVID-19, pandemic, vulnerable populations, mental health, well-being, inequalities

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